Question SN850X supports Hardware-Encryption ?

Jan 26, 2023
We looked everywhere in WD's website and SN850X documentation, but nowhere could we find any information about support for hardware-encryption on this drive.

Generally speaking, when a manufacturer does not advertise a feature, that means that such product does not have/support that feature.

Also, nowhere in any review of the SN850X - not on TH and not elsewhere - could we find any mention about hardware-encryption on this drive.

However, the photograph posted of the SN850X on TH's review (and on some other websites as well) clearly shows "PSID: ...." which is the ID used to revert an hardware-encrypted drive back to (unencrypted) factory default.

Can someone that owns this drive please confirm whether or not this drive supports hardware-encryption?

If so, what are the hardware-encryption standards that it supports:

SED/OPAL2 only?
SED/OPAL2 + IEEE1667/eDrive?
IEEE1667/eDrive only?

Also, please point us to any official documentation that proves that hardware-encryption is supported on the SN850X.
Mar 15, 2023
I am on the same page and all I could see is :

Security Specifications
TCG Opal v2.01'*

* The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is a non-for-profit organization that applies hardware-based encryption to solid drives.
I even called WD, but their agents were kind of lost in the subject.


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I literally linked to the page where it could not be missed. Reviewers for tech sites have access to people in the company that you, and I, do not. We get first level monkeys. They get people who actually know what the hell they are talking about, so when a site dedicated to reviewing hardware tells you specifically that it lacks something, it lacks it. Sure, there might be a few exceptions, like one or two, over the last decade, but I can't think of any.

Very top of the page I linked to, under "Cons". "Lacks 256 bit AES hardware based encryption. End of story.