Question Snipping tool sometimes freezes screen (Win+Shift+S), full screen games turn screen black

Does it work

Jun 3, 2017
Screen sometimes just freezes when using snipping tool, input still seems to work, the snip is taken (albeit sometimes not the dimensions shown) and can move mouse and the pc seems to respond, the snipping tool overlay just remains and i cant get out of it without turning display on and off. Similarly (i believe this only occurs after the pc sleeps) games in fullscreen go black and sometimes flash sometimes remain pure black, when the screen flashes turning monitor on and off usually fixes it, if it remains black its 50/50 turn monitor on off/restart pc.

RX 5700xt (driver version, really old raedon program much easier to use)
driver version 27.20.1000.17016 as per device manager, no idea how to check it since they changed the raedon program)
Seasonic Focus Gold Plus 650w
AMD 3600
Windows Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363
MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS bios A3 (would it be worth bothering to flash this to a newer one? up to AA (A10))
Acer KG251Q 144hz 1080p