so close to being stable......don't know what else to do!


Mar 15, 2007
My Specs:
CM Stacker 832 (Black)
Hyper 580 PSU
Asus P5B Deluxe
C2D E6400
Zalman CNPS9500
2G Crucial Ballistix (PC2 6400)
Foxconn OC 8800GTS 640MB
X-FI Extreme Gamer
1 WD Raptor 150GB
1 WD Caviar S16 250GB
ICY Dock Rack w/ WD Caviar S16 250GB
Koutech Card Reader
2 DVD-RW drives
Asus 22" LCD

Eversince I built my pc i've had this issue. It locks up at the windows loading bar screen. So the first time I turn it on it always locks up on the same spot. When I press the reset button it'll boot just fine. I've done whatever I can to get it not to lock up. But had no luck yet. My system is not overclocked, everything is in auto exept for a few things. I set my ram timings manually to DDR2 800 and voltage to 2.5. My ram is rated for 2.2v but in the Asus bios it goes from 2.15 to 2.25. I've tried lower but it doesn't do anything. Also I disabled the PEG Link mode since my video card is already factory overclocked and this feature pushes my card more. This got me where I am now, I'm able to get to windows after resetting. I ordered a new power supply, a CORSAIR 620HX just in case is my psu. Can you guys help me, I don't know what else to do.

ps. I did reinstall windows vista in the past and switched my ram. I have the latest bios, video card drivers, ran memtest, my temps are low.......



Mar 31, 2004
seems to be a hard drive issue. can you put your HDD in another system and see if the problem reproduces