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Question So Frustrating!!!! Sub-par PCI Gen4 Speeds through x570 chipset

Jun 30, 2020
First my build...
Ryzen 3700x
32gb Trident Neo @3600 (8-8-8-8)
RTX 2080s
MSI x570 Godlike
Gigabyte AORUS 1tb pci gen 4 NVMe M.2 x2

So my issue is i have 2 identical gen 4 drives im trying to utilize on my x570 godlike, My primary drive i have installed on M.2 socket 3(PCI lanes direct to CPU) and reaches full speeds of 5gb/s. My secondary drive is currently in M.2 slot 2(for thermal reasons) with PCI lanes being handled by the chipset,the problem is my secondary drive has inconsistent speeds,sometimes shortly after boot i can reach full speed of 5gb/s,however after the system has run about 10-15 minutes i come in capped at 2gb/s.

I have ruled out nvme thermal throttling and have tried m.2 socket 1 as well with the same results. i am stumped as to what could be cutting my speed AFTER boot has already taken place.

Any ideas or settings i should check? All drivers are up to date as well as bios with a fresh OS install yesterday