[SOLVED] So how does Store MI actually work?

Dec 7, 2018
So, I'm building a pc in a few months when I get back in country. I already bought a CPU and motherboard (damn holiday sales). But looking at the features of the motherboard I got, I saw the store MI thing. The way the page makes it sound I could get a 256 gb nvme ssd (which appears to be the maximum size the technology can use) and a big ol' HDD, like an 8tb, and still have fast storage?

But what does it really do? Does it just move files I'm not frequently using to the HDD? If I start up a game I hadn't played in a while, would it automatically move to the SSD?

For some reason it's just not clicking for me. Thanks in advance for any help.


Despite what AMD says, it really is similar to Intel RST although it supports a larger cache drive (256GB compared to 64GB for IRST). It uses the SSD as a dynamic cache, keeping the most used programs and data there.

So, yes if you haven't used something in a while and you start using it, that program or data will get moved to the SSD (NVMe, SATA, or Optane) and other data will be removed and written to the HDD.

With the prices of SSDs being as low as they are now, I would not be interested in using SMI.