Question So how fast is my PCIE 3.0 x16 slot?


Jan 25, 2019
Hi everybody,

I have a very basic and cheap Mobo Gigabyte H310M. I've had it for years now and it's working great.

However, I've ran out of Sata Slots for SSD's and was looking into m.2.

What I found out, is that I can use this mobo's PCIE slot to plug in an adapter, that can hold m.2 SSD. (Mobo doesn't have native M.2 slot)

My users manual for this mobo says that PCIE slot is 3.0, x16. After a bit of googling I found that 3.0 x16 means speeds of 8 GT/s or 15.75GB/s

Googling Samsung m.2 SSD says that this bad boi can speed up to 6.900/5000 MB/s. (That's 3x less than 15.75 GB/s, right?)

I was thinking of getting a cheaper ssd, as I thought adapter slot wouldn't give me max speeds so why spend more. But does this research mean that my little PCIE slot can fully handle a brand new m.2 from Samsung? I guess the measurement confuses me a bit.

Thank you
I've ran out of Sata Slots for SSD's and was looking into m.2.
Your pc is limited to PCIE 3.0. You don't have PCIE 4.0 available.
PCIE 3.0 x4 connection is limited to ~ 3500MB/s.
6.900/5000 MB/s is not possible on your pc.

Any PCIE M.2 adapter will do.
But don't you need your PCIE x16 slot for a graphics card?

IMHO better option would be PCIE sata adapter.
You can put it into any free PCIE x1 slot and connect additional sata drives to it (either SSD or HDD).

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