Question So I decided to oc the monitor...


Nov 2, 2020
Hi all,

I have an Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ1A 27" that has the option to overclocking it. I decided to try just because some graphic drivers reduce my Hz to 120 (that problem is solved). When I did this, I could see a box in the center of the screen that was on another resolution. This could be easily solved by powering off the screen and turning it on again. But then, another problem appeared; the top part of the screen started flickering black, so, I decided to turn off the screen oc and restoring the options. Everything seems normal now, but I'm worried that this problems were caused by my GPU or not ?

I did a Furmark stress test and it passed without problems (6813 points), no artifacts.

Should I be worried about my GPU? This problem didn't appear again and the secondary monitor didn't show these problems. I don't have any problems when I'm playing on ultra settings and 2k resolution.

Thanks for the support and sorry for my bad spelling.


CPU: I7-9700k 3.60GHz
Motherboard: Aorus Z390 Elite
RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200H
GPU: RTX 3070
Storage 1: HDD 1TB
Storage 2: SSD Kingston 250GB
Storage 3: SSD Samsung EVO 970 500GB
Storage 4: SSD M.2 Samsung 500GB
Cooling: NZXT x63


Nov 2, 2020
Maybe not the GPU - wondering about power.....

On the host computer:

PSU - make, model, wattage, age, condition (new, refurbished, used)?

Video connectivity between GPU and the monitor?
PSU: Bitfenix 850w plus gold, new, around 2 years of use.

Screen connectivity: Display port.

I think the reason was that screen oc. Everything is running fine since then. Should I be worried?


I do not see a need to worry.

You reasonably tried something that did not work and stopped when the problems appeared.

Why oc did not work is unknown - may simply be that somewhere in the hardware and/or the configuration options that oc cannot be supported.

Or some minor error of omission or commission was made. Something lost in the fine print....

Someone else may read your post and be able identify the problem and, more importantly, what can be done to get oc to work.

Overall, from my viewpoint, if everything is working and performing as expected then leave well enough alone.