so I found out I have a dead stick of memory..


Jan 5, 2007
I had 2 sticks of memory running in my system pretty fine until yesterday when my comp crashed a few times and gave me the blue screen each time then failed to start. I found out it was 1 of my sticks of memory by trying them each individually and one booted up perfectly and the other didnt. So I am RMAing it back to newegg but I had a few questions. The stupid question which is probably yes but im going to ask it anyways: Do I have to send both sticks of ram back to them? now the complicated question is: well I had 2 video cards and it didnt seem to want to start up with my 1st one after a while(I rmaed it already) so I was wondering could faulty ram have screwed up a video card? Anyways any help is very much appreciated.


When you get the replacements, be sure to run memtest86+ through at least a couple of complete cycles; just because the system boots OK doesn't mean that there aren't memory errors. Those memory errors can eventually end up corrupting your files, as mp noted.