So i just did some cable management.


Jan 10, 2010
Okay so i have the Cooler Master Storm Sniper case and today i figured id do some cable managment for the new cold cathodes im getting. So after about and hour and half of zip tieing and velcoring cables to the back of the motherboard tray i figured it be time to put the side panel on. I started pushing it on and it was going good and all of a sudden it gettings stuck about half an inch from closing fully and i can use force and push it all the way on but then i need to use triple the force to pull it off so i checked if any cables were getting in the way and there seems to be nothing wrong with where the cables are located. :??: :??:

the last resort

Apr 13, 2008
very unlikely, but how tight did you ziptie the cables down? Is there a possibility that the case has been warped?

I doubt it, but after I did some cable stuff on mine a while back I noticed the case was slightly warped; although mine was because I cut out some holes in the bottom and it warped when I carried it.