Question So many GPU choices

Jul 30, 2020
Hey I was wondering if anyone has found any rumors on the 16gb 3070 and 20gb 3080 pricing.

I'm debating just placing a 3080 order, and trying to get the 3070 on launch day and which ever I get first I take.

Any suggestions? I'd get the RDNA2 but I haven't seen much on its Ray tracing. For me Cyberpunk (as a fallout and borderlands die hard) and Mfs2020 are my priority.

My main concern is the Ram requirements for Mfs2020. Do we expect a major increase in price for the 20gb version?

I've sold my 970, 2060Super and Xbox One this month and got 650 Euros for it all. The gaming X trio is 800 which is about my limit on what I'd want to spend.

I have
5820k @4.4 but may start trying to push it (holding out for Ddr5)
32GB Ram
Windows on SSD but games on HDD
4k 50hz TV (waiting for 144hz ultra wide curved 2k until next year when I get my own place)
No price reveal yet, but given the price of a single GDDR6 unit is ~10$USD per 1GB, a new tech like the GDDR6X they're using could go for around 20$. Add 10 more GB and you're looking at around 100-200$ in price uplift.