[SOLVED] So my pc case unfortunately is the aibo CASE-CB608-U3 with no front intake fans. Where Do I put my intake fan?

Nov 22, 2021
Recently I've been seeing many overheating problems and issues. I want to put intake fans but don't know where to. Because I have one fan at the top exhaust of my pc as outtake, ive been wanting an intake. Where should I put my intake fan?


You're going to have to experiment, no other way around it.
That said, I would imagine a fan(s) at the front to do a whole lot of nothing; there's just too few places for air to get in with the way that panel looks. Make use of the areas that are easiest for air to pass through first, which is the top and rear:
A)2* top exhaust fans and the rear also exhaust, thus forcing a negative pressure setup, which creates a vacuum(of sorts) that will draw in air from every other possible opening.
Consider removing the PCIe slot guards below the gpu for added effect, except if you have nosy kids or small pets.

B)Flip the rear fan to intake, and set 2* top exhaust fans. If the cpu cooler is a tower(stands straight up), flip the fan(s) on it to match the direction of the rear fan. This way, both the cpu and gpu intake from the rear and the heated air is exhausted through the top.
Kind of a mirror of the typical setup of front intake and top exhaust.
Again, consider removing the PCIe slot guards.

C)2* top intake fans. The rear is exhaust. This one might not be as effective as the other 2 if the gpu is an open air model(these dump their heat inside the PC).
Again on the PCIe slot guards.

[2*: you have to use 2 fans, or it won't be as effective.]