So, put everything together, press button, nada


Jul 15, 2011
Hello, I finished putting together my desktop and I'm pretty sure I've got the front panel correctly wired, and everything plugged in as it should. My motherboard happens to have a power button on it so I'm fairly sure my power button isn't just fucked up...unfortunately.

I'm really not sure where to look, everything seems okay, my RAM is seated, my processor locked in good. The fan took quite a bit of effort to snap in (phenom II 955 stock) and the processor got pressed on most likely..but I hope that didn't mess with it.

When I hit power literally nothing happens, no fans start, nada


EDIT: The power chord is just one fiesty mother ****** to plug in. Either that, or taking out my video card did the trick. Which may be because it is doing weird ***.

My windows xp disc didn't recognize as a boot device but this is not disaster as I was not sure it would work..However, all my screens are changing color and have lines vertically. Is this just the lack of graphics drivers? I should be fairly good from here on out


EDIT: So..after double checking some stuff to figure out why my video is still messed up, I noticed my HD6850 wants 500 Watts. What the ***. I have a 600W power supply, running a Phenom II 955 (125 W), the HD6850 (500 W I guess) and probably other stuff using up watts too. So...I guess I need to upgrade to a 650W+ power supply? I posted here to double check the other week and it slipped by I guess..

EDIT: This shows I shouldn't actually be having a problem. Not to mention I'm getting this at the BIOS. Does this mean my video card is screwed? Ack

EDIT: Well...taking the video card and blowing on it kind of like you would with an N64 cartidge fixed it pretty good. Whatever works, I'll keep this thread in case I have more problems/other people have the same problem


Jan 26, 2011
This happened to me when i was building my rig a while ago and it gave me quite a scare because i had literally triple checked every connection. But I found that i had the computer power cord plugged into the wrong socket on my power strip. After that it worked like a charm.

That is probably not the problem you have, but lesson is basically check everything and check it again. try to eliminate things as the problem (such as the psu with the paperclip trick). I believe there a "won't boot" troubleshooting guide on here somewhere.


Jul 17, 2011
Check for any loose connections on the PSU such as the wall cord not fully plugged into the PSU and to make sure you plugged in either the main 20 or 24 pin ATX cable. Is the switch on your PSU switched on too because I've done that before...


First: Check ALL connections and make sure they are in the right place.
If that doesn't work then:
Second: Remove the CPU Heatsink and Fan and remove the CPU, and see if any pins are bent on the CPU. If there are bent pins, then that might be the problem.
If that doesn't work:
Third: If you have another computer, take the PSU and try it with the new one, if it works, then you know you got a faulty PSU...if it doesn't
Fourth: It might be the MoBo...