Question So the other day i got a i7 9700k and it's running uncomfortably hot with an aio.

Aug 22, 2019
So I got a i7 9700k with paired with the corsair h100i cooler, and it doesn't seem to really do much. So when I first boot my pc it spikes up to 80 goes down to 30-50 and under minimal load it spikes up to 60. I don't really feel comfortable to overclock it when it's running at those temps. I've tried a known good AIO on it and it did nothing, replaced thermal paste, made sure the fans were in the right position, and remounted it a few times.

Asus Z390 Prime-a MoBo
GTX 1060 3gb
2 sticks of 2400 mhz 8gb ram
Corsair H100i AIO Cooler
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What case? How is it mounted? Are you 100% there's good airflow? Are fans and pump set to 100% to test?

Could be an airlock at the pump - tap the pump, wiggle tubing and tap the radiator while tilting the case (while running). Sometimes air gets caught in the pump. Liquid cooling pumps do not pump air very well.

Could be a seating issue - even though you replaced thermal paste and re-seated, are you certain it is making good contact? Is there an even contact patch when the block is removed?
CPU temps of 'in the 60's' for a 9700K under a gaming load would be perfectly fine...very fine. (Good in fact!) And is the reason you get no improvement for experimenting...

(I think many folks expect too much of the assorted AIOs, and are just not familiar with what normal temps are for 9700K/9900K...; you'd get no better with the best air cooler , either)
Aug 8, 2019
you are absolutely fine. Just worry when your CPU goes to high 80s under load unless your a crazy overclocker but even then, pcs are smart enough to stop your CPU from going into collateral damage by safety mechanisms.