Question Socket damage on motherboard from bent cpu pins.

Nov 20, 2022
I was upgrading my PC with a new motherboard and cpu and through 3 days of testing I've finally discovered that it was the cpu. Anyways when I was swapping over to my old 2700x my dumbass tried butting it in sideways and it fell and it didn't seem like there were any bent pins so I put it in, it booted and was working fine so I went to try the 5800x again and saw this. Any idea if i just messed up the board or do you think no internal pins were damaged.
It's impossible to say if any of the socket contacts were damaged from that picture. The only way to know for certain would be to use strong magnification (jeweler's loupe) and bright light, maybe a camera with a good macro lens, to peer down into the contact holes. Another way is to remove the socket top but you have to be careful not to break it in two pieces, a bit risky but certainly do-able.

But one thing that's clear is the holes must be carefully cleaned up before trying to insert another CPU or it might damage both a socket contact, if it isn't yet, as well as a CPU pin.