Soda Spill on Keyboard (Working, need next steps)

Jan 2, 2019
I recently spilled soda all over my Ducky Shine 4 (I'm usually very good about not keeping drinks around my keyboard, so obviously I've been kicking myself for this one). Initially, it was OK, and then it stopped working with the exception of maybe 6 LEDs on various keys. Here are some steps I took:

  • - I unplugged the keyboard, and tried to dry whatever I could externally and try to let the excess spill out of the keyboard
    - I took every key cap off and placed them into a bowl of warm water (not hot) to soak
    - I used Q-Tips and Isopropyl to clean in the gaps and around the switches, blew dry with compressed air
    - Put all keycaps back on after air drying
    - Tried to plug the keyboard back in after some time, cable it came with didn't work
    - Tried spare cable I had, got better luck but still non-functional
    - Waited ~2 days, then tried the spare cable again. After a few wiggles to the mini USB connector to the keyboard, I've gained full keyboard functionality!
Some keys are REALLY sticky, which I'd assume just requires more cleaning? Any recommendations?

I have a slight feeling that perhaps the mini USB connector on my keyboard is either potentially damaged or needs replacing (I don't think that "wiggling" it should it need some finesse in the future will always be a viable or efficient solution, and might fail altogether eventually). Where can I go to/get advice on how to check if this needs replacing?

I also have not taken off the back plate. I don't particularly feel very comfortable doing so, although I have years of PC building experience so I know enough about precautions and care when opening up electronic components.

Thanks for helpin a noob out :)


You may have to take the keys apart some and get out any remaining sticky goo...

Start with manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

And then start looking for other ideas. For example:

Hopefully just gummed up and not shorted out.