Soem help/Advice needed on a display issue


Sep 24, 2006

I been having some strange issues with my display for a few months now. Initially problem occurred when I would start the game Quake 4. I would see green horizontal lines (artifacts) across the monitor and then it would freeze and display would just go off. Sometimes after it recovered and sometimes I would have to restart.. Usually on restart it was okay again.. After some digging about I thought it is an issue with graphics card heating up - Nvidia 7950GT 512mb ram. The problem was intermittent but I took out the graphics card and cleaned the sink and fan. Problem went away for about a month then started occurring again. I downloaded rivatuner and started monitoring temps. It was ranging from 60-100 celcius.

Anyhow I thought more drastic measures are required so I bought a thermalright HR-03 GT heatsink and a 92 mm fan to cool the VGA card. Have had installed a few weeks and temps came down significantly. idle is around 45-49. Loaded is around 55-60. My CPU and Mb temps are around 45-50 celcius generally.

Today the problem occurred again and it was quake 4 which set it off as usual except unlike all the previous occasions restart hasn't fixed it. It is still there. Desktop is garbled. When I restart I see red boxes on black screen and then when windows loading comes up I see vertical dashed lines in sets of 4 all across the monitor. whenever its black screen prior to loading windows its red boxes randomly placed on the screen.

Device manager sees and recognises my card but in rivatuner I cannot see the adapter or my monitor which is a samsung synmaster 22" 226BW.

If I start windows normally it shows windows loading up but prior to the logon screen everything goes blurry with garbled multicolored thick lines horizontal across the screen and display goes off. Have to restart it again even though all fans/lights etc are on, just no display. It works okay in safemode but desktop is garbled..just a bunch of green squares.

I have reinstalled latest display drivers, removed and reseated the graphics card etc but to no avail. Left it off for 10 mins and restarted, still no joy. I have also previously tested the RAM and it passed ok. Currently logged on in safe mode.

System spec: AMD Athlon FX62, 4GB RAM, 7950GT graphics card, Asus Crosshair MB.. WINXP 64 Bit pro Service pack 2.

Is my graphics card done? or could it be the power supply?

Some help/advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

p.s I have attached some desktop shots. I also have display related report from Riva tuner but couldnt figure out how to attach it.






May 31, 2009
Dude it looks like your video card is dying. It does happen. I would suggest getting a new video card and being done with it, before it causes you any more grief.