Question Software to auto update games across multiple PCs?

Aug 6, 2019
Hi all,

Here again with another newbie question - anyone knows how to update multiple games across multiple PCs automatically?

The context for this question is that I work at a place with multiple PCs that has games on my demo sets for customers to try on. It's really a good idea except for the fact that we don't have an efficient way or process to keep ALL the games updated. Different customers come in wanting to try different games on different PCs and more often than not, we run into the problem of having to update the game in front of the customer. Sometimes these updates take super long (cause we haven't updated them in a long while) which disrupts the customer's experience.

So I was wondering if anyone has experience maybe managing a LAN shop/PC bang or has an efficient and effective system that I could possibly mimic?

Thanks in advance!

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If the games have a downloadable executable you can run to update them you can use computer management software like SCCM to push updates. Keeping up with patches and updates for many computers is a full time or several full time positions in companies and most of the day they track, select and install updates and security patches.