Question Softwares recommendations on recover lost partition

Jan 23, 2022
I have an external HDD which was accidentally formatted once but I pulled the cord before the format progress was finally done.

I already retrieved the data, but it's categorized in file types: not in the orderly folder/files that I used to create as well as the name of the files are replaced; and many files' name are changed as well as can't be identified with the create/ last modified date which makes it hard for me to organize...

That's when I tried to recover partition with some software including: PartitionGuru, EasseUS Partition Master, Partition Wizard 12, DiskGenius, DiskGetor Data Recovery; but all of them show no partition has been found.

Please recommend me which software should be the best for my scenarios or what should I do next? Thanks in advance
Formatting destroys the file system's metadata. Sometimes the only recourse is raw recovery and file carving. No tool will be able to recreate the original partition.

Try the free version of DMDE. Other professional tools are RAISE, GetDataBack, R-Studio, UFS Explorer.

There are tools which will rename your files, but their success depends on the types of files and whether these files contain their own metadata. For example, cameras often write text data at the beginning of JPEGs.
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Dec 31, 2017
What fzabkar said is correct - sometimes raw recovery or file carving is the only option.

While these "partition recovery" tools sound very promising - most of them don't actually recover your partition because the metadata is deleted.