Solid red light on mobo after attempted bios update


May 12, 2012
hey guys, recently made a big purchase, after updating drivers I decided why not update the bios? well i regret it as now I get no video signal and my mobo has a solid red light coming from its led's and displays a "d0" on it. no way to get around it either.
its an asrock z77 extreme 6 mobo with
an intel i5-3750k,
16 gb corsair ram,
sapphire oc 3gbram 7970
western digital velociraptor 600gb hdd
corsair 700 watt psu

this person had a similar problem, for reference:

It sucks that I followed every direction given by ASRock, and after a seemingly successful update, the pc no longer works after restart. I purchased all of this on May 12th 2012 so I'm hoping newegg or ASRock will help me out under warranty if no solution is found. i should mention that i used the usb flash drive method given by asrock, download bios update, drop into usb, reboot, go to bios settings, and select flash update.
You never update the bios unless your having a specific problem that a new bios addresses. You learned your lesson the hard way.

Send it back to Newegg for replacement.

You may laugh but I've been building PC's since 1997 and I never updated a bios in my entire life. Never had a reason to yet. It's true.


Oct 26, 2008

same here! not quite as long as you have been working on them, but i have never updated bios on anything ever!
its NEVER the bios thats the problem anyway! LOL