Solid state?


Oct 6, 2011
Ok so im putting together a custom PC on and cant decide between a 120Gb solid state and a 600GB velociraptor for my primary hard drive. The velociraptor is bigger but im guessing the solid state is a lot faster? suggestions?


Oct 13, 2011
Go with the SSD and the mechanical drive and have the best of both worlds!!!! Also, you should build the computer yourself; it's not as hard as it seems and there are plenty of resources on the internet. I looked at, and they seemed to be way overpriced. You would spend less money an have better performance if you did it yourself. Checkout this article for info on SSD's:,3021.html; and this site for parts: By the way, the raptor is a huge ripoff....I mean huge.

Unless you have a laptop with only one drive bay, the best solution is usually to use the SSD to hold the OS and all your application programs, and a separate hard drive to hold your data. The OS and programs typically benefit from the speed of the SSD more than the data files do, and the data files can take up a lot of space (especially if you have a collection of music, videos, etc.) which is a lot more expensive if you need to buy an SSD large enough to hold them all.

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