Solution to a trasportable HArd Drive

Ed Quinn

Nov 15, 2010
I have reached the end of my knowledge and need some input. My son is in college and is trying to finish his Computer graphics degree the problem has been transporting the work from his PC to school and back. Thumb drives are to small for all the programming and the files because they are many stages are to large. We have tried to use a portable Hard drive both a complete back up system and an assembled system. the Hitachi Life studio has crashed twice and Hitachi has replaced it but it is junk again all in one year. So I bought a rosewill enclosure (highly rated) and a Western Digital Blue Cavier Hard Drive also highly rated and I use them in my business PC's with huge success. Well Guess what one month old and the hard drive has Crashed as well. Anyone have any solutions as to what I can buy to make this all work?


I am using WD passport drive and have not had any problem with it. It is more how the drive is handled than any thing else. Then again drives do fail prematurely regardless of their rating and could just be a coincidence and if you RMA the drive (if it is totally failed) you can give it another chance.
You have unusually bad luck, unless your son is packing the drives in checked luggage and they are being dropped.

The safest thing would be to buy two external drives, write two complete copies, and come home with both. The odds against both drives failing at the same time are high.