Question Solutions for ASUS 1 long beep - 3 short beeps - pause - 1 short beep

Sep 15, 2022
Hi, so I'm struggling to get a signal from my RTX 3060 GPU (and Integrated intel graphics) to my monitor. I used a beepcode plugged into the speaker pins into my motherboard and it's giving me 1 long beep - 3 short beeps - pause - 1 short beep. Searching it up, I was able to find out this means I'm having a problem with my GPU. I've tested my GPU in my friend's PC and it worked perfectly. I tried using my friend's GPU in my PC and it gave me the same beepcode error. Booting my PC without GPU and using integrated graphics also gives me no signal to the monitor. Any solutions?

CPU: i7 11700k
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3060
Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z590-P
PSU: EVGA 650W bronze
RAM: DDR4 16gb trident z x2


Not always fun, but clear the CMOS to make sure something didn't get weird. Doesn't look like you have CPU-less flashing, so an update is out.

Re-seat CPU. Re-seat the memory.

After that it is trying out a new CPU or a new motherboard. I would leave the GPU out entirely until you can get a boot.

Never hurts to check your power supply either.