Question Solutions to expand wireless at home


Sep 19, 2012
I have my wireless router located in my office, on the far side of the house, so I can have a plug in ethernet cable. The other side of the house is where my wife works. The signal isn't great as we're in a city with lots of other signals and it's an old building. I boosted the mesh signal with 2 nodes. It's slow on the far side, but it's fine for her needs. Now I'm streaming video for work, it really uses a lot of bandwidth. I upgraded for a 400/20 speed, and my signal uses 5 for upload, but sometimes it still chokes the internet for the other side of the house. I'm guessing it's my IP, not keeping consistent speeds through the day. But I still need a solution for my wife to work. I thought about a) somehow figuring out how to get an ethernet cable around the building to her office to plug into a wireless adapter for her or b) purchasing another different brand wireless/internet extender because maybe the make/model I have is just not very good when it comes to old plaster walls. I'd like to find the least expensive solution but of course one that lasts.

I'm also guessing, from what I read, having 2 cables connecting to the house isn't a workable solution?

Wireless Mesh system: AMPLIFI AFi-HD AmpliFi High Density Router with 2 Mesh Points
Modem: Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!