[SOLVED] (SOLVED) A question about Magnum Ammo locations in Resident Evil Village?

I am roughly midway through my Hardcore run of RE Village, starting fresh instead of New Game + this time. I'm trying to calculate whether I can manage taking on all the optional bosses in order to max my upgrade cash, having killed just 2 of 5 so far.

Needless to say, a big part of accessing this, is knowing where all the Magnum Ammo caches are, and figuring how many rounds of it I can use on each boss. A page on Evil Resource lists all the Mag Ammo spots, but there's 1 I don't recognize by the description.

The Mag Ammo location in question is the final one listed, and reads as follows...

Altar - Village
Magnum Ammo (1×2) -
On the wall in the south east corner of the area after you have explored Heisenberg's Factory.

Source: https://www.evilresource.com/resident-evil-village/weaponry/magnum-ammo

The only place I can think of by that description is the final spot near the Altar that The Duke takes you to after the Heisenberg boss fight, but in my past two play throughs, I never saw Magnum Ammo there. Does anyone know if there's Magnum Ammo there somewhere, or where this "wall" it's supposedly located on is? Or if this guide is perhaps incorrect?

Note that I thought I missed one or two of the other ones listed, or they were perhaps incorrect, but then I realized I had already picked them up once I found what locations the guide was referring to. It's not an easy guide to follow, being as there's no screenshots of the actual cache locations, so this may require those whom are pretty familiar with the game.
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OK, just an update, I found the answer to my question. I decided to play through to the end from where I was as a test of my Mag Ammo usage strategy on optional and mandatory bosses, and it actually went better than I expected. Not only is there two rounds of Mag Ammo at that spot before the final boss (opposite the other ammo caches on a brick wall), I wound up with 14 instead of the 12 Mag rounds I thought I would have for Miranda. Really strange that none of the videos I've seen of the game show anyone picking up the Mag rounds in that spot, it seems they don't know it's there.

I'm going back to the save I was at before the test to go for a bit cleaner run, and of course capture it this time. So far I've only taken out the Beneviento Giant and the Varcolac Alpha, but I took no damage and resource wise I'm looking good, which is a bit better than my test results.