Question [Solved] Asus R510J Nvdia Gtx 950M error code 43 after cleaning and replacing thermal paste

Jan 8, 2021
Hi, I have an Asus R510J an yesterday I opened it up to clean it and replace the thermal paste because the laptop was sitting at 70-75 degree C in idle.
After that I had some issues turning it on first it was not receiving power I reconnected all the cables inside and then it was instantly turning off without displaying even the Asus logo.
I removed the SSD and the RAM memory and put them back in and it worked or I tought so.
After booting up the Windows I noticed that my Nvidia Control Panel was not opening and I had Error Code 43 displayed in Device Manager.
What I did to try to fix this until now:
  • Update to the latest Nvidia drivers
  • Unistall Nvidia drivers using DDU and reinstall old drivers
  • Reinstall Windows 10 and install the latest drivers
  • Update BIOS to the latest version
Nothing seems to fix this, is the Graphics card dead? Can the laptop work fine and be a problem with the power supply that only affects the dedicated gpu? Since it's a laptop card it doesn't have additional power cables.
I also want to specify that after cleaning and replacing the thermal paste the CPU is now sitting at 50-55°C in idle so the thermal paste is applied correctly.
Sorry if my english is bad, any advice is welcomed.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You might want to disassemble the laptop again and see if you've missed any connectors while you were reassembling it. On another note, did you disconnect the battery from the laptop while you were tearing it down? Perhaps see, while the laptop is disconnected from the wall and the battery is removed, to press and hold down the power button for 30 seconds before reconnecting to the wall(without the laptop's battery).
Jan 8, 2021
I fixed it I don't know exactly what did it but I did these:
  • added some more thermal paste
  • removed small hair that was under the cooler
  • double checked all the cables again