[Solved] C disk space lost ~50GB after uninstalling Visual Studio


Jan 8, 2015
Hi, my C disk mysteriously lost ~50GB. Any suggestions to restore that are very appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Before it happened:
My laptop runs Win7 64bit. About 80G of C disk (146G total, SSD) was occupied .

How it happened:
I tried to uninstall Visual Studio(Community Edition) to free some space (~10G), but instead of my gaining 10G, C disk is occupied more.
I thought it's because I didn't fully uninstall Visual Studio, so I went into control panel, diligently uninstalled a dozen of programs that came along with the Visual Studio. I stopped to check how much space is freed, but was surprised that I lost more space: 28G free out of 146G instead.

What I tried:
Disk cleanup. Not helping.
I tried restoring the system to a point before the uninstall. Except losing several programs installed after the restore point, nothing.
WinDirStat shows hibernate.sys and pagefile.sys only occupying ~15GB. Nothing weird.

From <http://serverfault.com/questions/419709/whats-eating-my-drive-space-when-normal-files-hidden-system-doesnt-equal-t>
Admin-run cmd:
vssadmin List Shadows
vssadmin Delete Shadows

I need to check out what these 'Shadows' are, but have to reinstall the programs lost in the system restore first...

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