[SOLVED] [Solved] Computer suddenly powers off while gaming ?

Jan 10, 2022
Hi I'm happen to faces this kinda of problem right now I just want your opinion on this?

I'm playing Payday 2 after 10-20Mins the System Shutdown itself, all the fans, rgb, and rgb mouse is turn off like there's no power.

Then I check all possible reason that make my computer shutdown
CPU is not overheating
The RAM is Ok no problem Found
Driver Fully Updated
Malware Fully Checked No Malware Detected

I came to conclusions that's probably my PSU cause is generic but I'm not sure, you guys what do you think?

Motherboard: GA-A55M-DS2
Processor: A8-3870K APU 3.0Ghz
Case: Inplay Meteor 06
PSU: Generic 700watts Inplay
RAM: 1x 4GB 1600Mhz Skihotar
1x 2GB 1333Mhz Unknown
Storage: 120GB SSD Ramsta
320GB HDD 7200RPM (Brand IDK I forgot)

I don't know if this enough
Yeah psu issues. I don’t care what the label says on it. IT IS GARBAGE