[SOLVED] SOLVED - Desktop icons screwed up after installing EVGA 3090 Ti Ultra Gaming ?

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May 27, 2019
Just bought a brand-new EVGA 3090 Ti ultra gaming. The card seems to be running fine with videos and games but the desktop screen icons are all screwed up. If you noticed in the photos I've provided, when a certain icon/folder is selected the Blue Square around the icon is rectangular shaped and elongated instead of being a square and slightly bigger than the icon. I used to have like 30 to 40 icons running on my 3090 EVGA but I soon as I swap them out this is what happened. I tried DDU but same thing. All drivers updated and everything same thing. Anybody have any suggestions or ideas what this could be? I'm on Windows 10. 4K TV. 4K HDMI cable. No IGPU.

As you will notice in the photos I can only do about five wide with three lines. It will not do four lines 5 wide. And this is with the icons set to the smallest size. If I set large icons then I lose all of it. I can put icons and folders and program-shortcuts onto the desktop, but when I open up the file Explorer they are not on their unless I specifically drag it into file manager from the desktop but then again after adding more than 15 icons you don't see them on the screen or in file manager anymore. This is very confusing under not know what's going on.
All your help is greatly welcomed! Thank you to everybody that helps and upvotes!

here are the photos link: 3090 TI + the desktop main screen icons/folders elongated shape and odd spacing

Edit: I have resolved the issue. A fellow Reddit member found the answer for me. The icon scaling sizes were screwed up by the installation of the card/driver. They are originally at -1125 and they were set at -3330. I needed to go to system registry to adjust to setting. This is the link that I was provided that led to it:

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Registry editing is not recommended and should be used only as a very last resort and only after fully backing up system and Registry.
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