Question (solved. hopefully) CPU Overheating.

Nov 26, 2021
My PC just turned a year old and all of a sudden trying to launch COD Vanguard for the first time my PC shut off and while restarting I got the "CPU overheating alert please ensure the CPU cooler is firmly attached to CPU and is able to provide sufficient thermal dissipation" So like a dummy I had to give it a few more tries before taking any action. About the 4th time it worked and I played all night without even monitoring my temps... RIP. Anyway I haven't had any issues for a week or more but haven't done much gaming, until today. Trying to load into New World(which I've put 150+ hours on with no issues) It shut off and gave me the same warning.

I am not a PC guy. I built this off of YouTube and one of my friends giving me advice. One concern is my AIO. I have it mounted the only way I can in my case, with the hoses at the top. However my buddy told me it doesn't matter with my AIO because the pump is built into the radiator about 2-3" from the top. Sitting here writing this my CPU Core temp is 68c with a Socket temp of 51c. As soon as I fire up a game it shoots up into the 90's and sometimes 100+ which turns off my computer.

What I've tried: I updated my bios which was released 09/27/21. Reapplied thermal paste, I used Arctic MX-4 Thermal Compound and made sure it was firmly attached. Gave it a pretty good spray down with some air (Not much dust came out. That's one thing I do often) And tried one last time to get the radiator turned upside down and it's a no go. Tubes are too short. One thing is for sure, one tube is warm and the other is cool so I'm pretty sure its working.

I can send pictures of my rig or screenshots of hardware monitoring stuff if you would like.

Case - Phantek Eclipse P400 (without the front cover over the radiator fans)
MB - MSI B550 Tomahawk
CPU - Ryzen 9 3950x
CPU Cooler - MSI Coreliquid 360R
Power - ToughPower GF1 850W


Unfortunately, you're buddy is wrong about that. It's partly because the pump is in the radiator that you're having a lousy experience. The size(360mm) is also working against you.
An AIO is not topped off with fluid, so from the start, you were exposing the pump to air up there. Damage probably already done.

You shouldn't be able to easily tell that both tubes feel different. So it's not actually working.

There are numerous Coreliquid R, bad thermals threads with users unknowingly sending them to an early grave.
Msi Coreliquid K and S don't do that Pump-In-Radiator design, but are expensive as heck. The others are nothing but trouble if they aren't mounted a certain way.

There are only 2 ways to mount that big cooler and have it last:
-Front mount, radiator inlet and outlet positioned at the bottom. Impossible to do in most chassis, mainly because the tubes are too short.
-A chassis that allows you to mount the radiator sideways. Take Cooler Master's NR200P as an example, not that a 360mm unit would fit.

TL;DR: Replace the cooler, and not with another Coreliquid R/C/RH/P(all P-I-R units), if you can help it.