Question [SOLVED]Massive stuttering in Games Only, no idea why. [AMD RX 580 : Ryzen 5 2600]

May 24, 2021
Hey guys, recently and I have no idea what caused it, I have been getting extreme fps fluctuations and drops at random in about every game I play NO MATTER the graphics settings I change to. I can usually run BF1 at ultra pretty fine but if the problem starts happening in fortnite, I can change the settings to low and it'll still happen.

I have been talking with someone else and tried a few things but nothings worked yet:

I have done a DDU and installed a driver from back in March before the problem started happening.(still using that driver)
I have set my clocks to normal speeds.
Have tried enabling and disabling XMP

And none of these have worked yet.
I have run my PC through multiple GPU and CPU stress test and this does not produce any stuttering.
(with stats)

CPU-Z Benchmark test results

Here is the problem happening in my games:
(no performance stats: framerate improves towards end)

(Msi afterburn performance stats)

(same thing)

I am running both these games at settings well below what I should be able to run without problem.
Something someone else noticed is that during these games my GPU power draw goes down to around the 50-80W range when it should be 120-150. But they said it's not the PSU because it draws power just fine during stress test. So this is once again only local to gaming scenarios.

Latencymon results during a game that was massively stuttering:
Latencymon results outside of game:

Speccy Information with all my Computer Specs:
I am running an AOC 144Hz 24" monitor.

Please help if you can, I'm at an absolute loss.
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Jun 25, 2021
Im going to try removing the amd sata when i get home, ive had frametime stutters for months with no idea why, with a rx 580 aswell, but a 9600k, so i know its not a cpu issue. yet i watch videos of flawless gameplay and dont understand why mines screwed. If this works i will come back and thank you personally.