Question [solved] MSI b450 gaming plus max Ez-debug Cpu led on

Oct 21, 2022
System specs:
Cpu: Ryzen 5 3500
Gpu: Rx580 8gb
Psu: Cooler master 750w
Ram: Adata xpg 8gb 3000mhz x2

I just assembled this rig a few weeks ago. It used to crash during idle or low workload tasks, it also started crashing in the bios screen, it would be stuck at Ez-debug cpu led too but after a hard shutdown it used to fix itself, so I swapped the psu for a 750w and updated to the latest bios. After this it used to crash but once or twice a day.

Today after another crash it doesn't want to start and the Ez-debug cpu light is on and it is stuck on that and the system turns off.

I've tried checking event viewer but it looks clean, tried swapping memory modules, tried resetting cmos, nothing works. Please help!!!