Question [SOLVED] New PC -> crashes in almost every game. GPU problem? But HOTS works!

Sep 21, 2022
nvlddlkm == Solved
source nvlddlkm cannot be found == Solved
LiveKernelEvent == Solved

With a pleasure want to update y'all that, as I initially assumed, the PROBLEM WAS IN THE GPU.
Service center told me that there was a defect with the GPU, and when they tried the games with another 3060TI all was good.
PC is soon coming back to me.
Thx everyone for your advice.

Got a new PC and a monitor on Monday:
Problem: Can't play, at least, 3 games I bought this PC for: Cyberpunk 2077, Planetside2, Divinity 2. The time before crash may vary, but, usually, I can't even get to the main menu of a game.

Crashes screenshots:
Some statistics:
  • == calm
  • == under a test

    I've actually tried almost EVERY solution related to the crashes these 3 games gave me, and nothing worked: changing different settings in nvidia, reinstalling games, reinstalling Windows (for another 11th), turning off all the overlay programs, modifying the register, and so on.
    One interesting thing: Heroes of the Storm works perfectly, same for RimWorld.
    Why? Why the heck do these work but not the others?
    I don't even know anymore, not advanced user at all, after 3 days feel exhausted.
    I'm down to any suggestions I might have missed during browsing the net or even TeamViewer?.

    PS: The PC itself is still sealed (by manufacturer), so can't access "the insides". Sending PC back to manufacturer I see as a last resort.
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