Question Solved: New PCIe 4.0 WiFi card?


looking for a good reliable one. Note 5G does not work well in this house will have to use 2.4G My modem/router brand is Motorola MC7550. My service is 400Mbps.
My speed test at the time of this post Download 359.9 upload 11.7 not that that makes a difference. Does anyone used a brand that has a good speed?
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Doesn't matter really PCIE lanes are in gigaBYTES. Even just 1 pcie1 lane will give over 1gbit which is more than you can ever get on wifi.

I am very surprised you can get 359 on 2.4 wifi. Most times even with the very best cards you will not get more than 100mbps because of limited bandwidth available on the 2.4g band