[SOLVED] [SOLVED] PC powers on fans spin but no display no mouse no keyboard

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May 19, 2020
Btw I am pretty noob with computers. Before this problem happened I tried putting in 2 sticks of ram which ended up making the computer power cycle on and off. So I tried reseating the ram and replugging the 8 pin and 24 pin connectors to the motherboard which stopped the power cycling. I ended up having a lot of difficulty replugging the 24pin so that it would be flush with its socket. After I tried turning everything back on I ended up with the problems stated in the subject. Tried replugging the 24 pin many times and rebooting to no avail, tried resetting CMOS nada, tried booting with ram in only the 2nd slot nothing. I dont think its a ram reseating issue because it feels in taut in place.
Zotac GTX 1060 6GB
Intel i5 7500
msi B250M motherboard
2x 4GB Ballistix ram
Corsair cx600
tried adding 2x Patriot 4GB ram

pls halp. no PC during quarantine sucks
Edit more details: pins for the 24pin connector on mobo look fine and not bent, there's no debug light on for the motherboard, did not really touch anything else besides the ram, motherboard, and the 8 and 24 pin connectors.

Edit: Apparently I am a moron. I didn't push the ram in all the way hahaha
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