Question [Solved] Peripherals dont turn on and monitor is not receiving any display. How do I fix this?

Feb 9, 2021
I recently switched my PSU unit for a new EVGA 850w Gold because my computer wouldn't turn on, now it does. However, after I plugged everything back my peripherals no longer turn on, nor does my display receive any signal. My computer is clearly getting power, motherboard LEDs are on, CPU and GPU fans are spinning, I don't know what's wrong. Help is very much appreciated.

Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard
i7 6700k intel cpu
EVGA GTX 1080 gpu
Toshiba 1 TB Hard drive
XPG Adata DDR4 3000 8 Gb x1 ram
M.2 970 EVO Samsung SSD
EVGA 850w GQ psu
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