Question [Solved]Printer wireless connection issue


Jan 22, 2016
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We have two pc's, windows 10. The printer is a HP DeskJet 3639. Neither of them can work the printer wirelessly. Yesterday I did something to the settings so now we have lost the wireless connection (they were working ok but we did some experiment with the router and modem because of a TV issue, we did undo the test ).

Strangely, however, I was able to print out the "HP NETWORK CONFIGURATION PAGE" wirelessly. I tried all of the troubleshooting ideas that HP offers, but the problem persists. I can send a copy of the configuration page if that would help (if it's safe to send).

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The HP General Network Summary page should be safe to print/send. If a Host Name is revealing then redact that name.

Make and model router (or modem/router if combined)?

Do any of the router's admin pages show the printer as a connected or disconnected network device?

My thought is that there may be an IP address conflict or mismatch. Especially if another device, such as TV is defaulting to an IP address already in use.

On one of the two Windows 10 pcs run "ipconfig" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt and post the results.

The basic thing to look for is that the printer is looking for and receiving an IP address from your router.

Knowing what the router, the pc's, and the printer are expecting (based on the summary page, "ipconfig", and the router's admin pages) will help sort things out.

Are you familiar with DHCP and Static IP addressing?

Overall, the printer should have a static IP address assigned (meaning that the IP address does not change) but there are rules for setting that up.

Doing so will help avoid future address conflicts. Wired or wirelessly.