Question [SOLVED] RAM Upgrade Asus FX505DY

Sep 21, 2020
Hi, i wanted to upgrade my laptop RAM from 1x8Gb to 2x8Gb, using the existing memory stick in the system if possible. Here are my laptop specs:
CPU: AMD RYZEN 3550H with VEGA 8
GPU: RX 560X
Storage: M.2 500Gb
RAM: DDR4-3200MHZ (1x8GB) Micron it has this reference MTA8ATF1G64HZ-3G2J1
System: Windows10

I went for a search of specs of my actual RAM and i found that its a 3200mhz and (but not sure) CL22 and a CAS: 22-22-22-46, from Micron Tech.
In a nearby store i found a G.skill ripjaw SO-DIMM 3200mhz CL22 (22-22-22-52) for 34€ and a CL18 (18-18-18-43) for 45€ (I'm from Portugal).

Will there be a major difference between the CL22 and CL18, considering that my actual RAM is CL22?
This upgrade is for gaming, code with small programs, 3d work and multitasking, wich 16Gb i think is enough for my school projects.

RAM datasheet:
RAM page:

EDIT: Bought the CL22, wich is equivalent to my original RAM stick and its working fine till the moment!!
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