Question (Solved) Weirdest visual glitch I've had forever...


Dec 22, 2015
I've had this problem since I can remember. 4+ years.

When I'm playing a game in fullscreen, I'll get random.. I don't know what to call them, line breaks? You know how when you film a TV you can see horizontal lines move up and down? That's kind of what I have.
At random I'll get an invisible line that goes up to down, distorting everything around it. If I record the game it doesn't show that in the recording.
I don't get this in borderless.

RTX 2070
16gb ram ddr4 2400 (max my cpu allows, even though I think my ram can go to 2666)
AOC 144hz monitor.
Windows 10

Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone? Is this a monitor or card issue?

Nine Layer Nige

G-Sync is an nVidia specific product designed to go with monitors that have been specifically designed to be G-sync compliant...they charge extra for it !
Free-sync for non G-sync monitors high enough spec to be equipped with Free-sync. If your monitor is equiped with Freesync and not G-sync, then maybe your GPU can or cannot "sync" with your monitor. Investigate....

EG. I have an AMD RX5700XT and a Free-sync monitor, they work together using Free-sync.
I give up after that, it gets murky and there are plenty of other more knowledgable folks here who know more about G-sync v freesync.

Like you say, "If the problem appears again I'll come back "