Question SOLVED When battery is lowish, screen goes white

Oct 7, 2021
Hi everyone, first time posting here :) Sorry for any grammar mistakes, english isn't my native language.

So I have a laptop, its branded "Positivo", an infamous brand here from Brazil. I got it second-handed, only for studying and having mobility.
It has a x5-Z8350 Atom processor, 4 gigs of ram, 32 gigs of space... pretty low specs for todays standard.
But after installing a stripped down version of Windows 10, it works like a charm, at least for Office software and some 2004 games.

But here comes the problem.
It boasts a 10.000mAh battery, with a 2w Scenario Design Power processor, it lasts a long while. Like 6 hours on Excel when on "optimize battery usage" mode.
But after battery goes low, around 20% (indicated on windows), the screen turns white, like if the LCD cable were damaged (I'll take some pics and update the post... its on 99% battery now lol). But I've noticed some interesting things:

  • After bat is low and screen goes white, the computer continues working. Sound continues playing, bluetooth mouse continue responding (I tested that on a game menu, with the white screen problem present);
  • If you close the lid and re-open it, windows enter standby mode and immediately come back, the screen is OK again. After the "resuming" screen closes though, it goes white again;
  • If battery is low but screen is not white, you can trigger the problem by inserting some USB device that draws power, like a smartphone for charging;
  • I don't know if that used to happen with a "normal" windows installation. The computer only has 32 gigs of eMMC (29.8gb in reality), so a full windows installation takes like, 90% of its capacity, making the computer unusable.
All I can think is it has something to do with the integrated graphics power, being too low to maintain video output, when battery is low (btw the battery is rated 3.7 volts... the charger is rated 5 volts). I'm a technician myself and I fix mostly software issues, replace hardware, but I'm not really into analyzing power issues on motherboards.
Any insight is welcome, and I can do some specific tests that someone could suggest. I've checked some weird events on Event Viewer. Right now I'm checking if drivers are updated, and will post pictures of BIOS configurations.

Thanks all for reading, sorry if this was answered before.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

What version(not edition) of Windows 10 are you on?

installing a stripped down version of Windows 10
Can you elaborate where you sourced the OS installer from? I think the issue you're speaking of is due primarily to the OS. The other issue could be that your laptop might be pending a BIOS update. The other problem could be that the battery needs replacing as well.