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Feb 12, 2022
I hope this is the right section to ask this question.

What are the recommended requirements for a build that could run 3/4 or more virtual machines?

I guess I'll need a good ammount of ram and a CPU with a bunch of cores but which is the most suitable? And what about frequencies? Is a high boost needed?

I was thinking at some old used Xeon E5 on Aliexprss like 2699 V4 with 22 core (and a x99 motherboard that with all those pcie lanes will be useful because I want to install on this machine some tv tuner cards and video capture cards).
Or would a i7/i9 12th gen or a ryzen 5000 be better?
I don't know exactly what hardware is the best for this use.

On the virtual machines I will run more instances of recording apps like OBS and media player apps.

The machine will be running nearly 24/7 so an eye on energy consumption would be appreciated

What can you recommend?

In all VMs you can adjust number of (virtual) cores. amount of RAM ans disk space. Those host machine resources you have to distribute among VMs you run at same time. So it really depends on requirements of OS and SW you run on each VM. That's a huge variable so it's difficult to predict.
Beside obvious, like PC's overall host PC performance, number of CPU cores, amount of RAM and disk space (as well as disk performance) will dictate number of VMs and their performance.
FYI, an E5-2699 V4 still hovers at $1800 for the CPU alone on Amazon....

I doubt you are going to find any primo functioning sample complete systems so equipped in the 'bargain $399 bin', but, if you could,...great!

I prices are still inflated on the old CPUs, certainly the 5950X with 16 much more modern Zen3 cores will by far outperform it anyway....and likely at less cost short of a super deal from a friend selling off a complete 2699V4 system because he does not know what the CPU routinely sells for...)

(What sort of hypervisor are you planning for proper passthru/presentation of the assorted tuners/capture cards to assorted VMs, and, what OS will the 3 or 4 guest VMs be running?)
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I’ve got a Ryzen 2700x with 64gb ram at work. I can run at least six or more VMs with no problem
AMD is best for hosting vms. Get the best latest CPU that you can from AMD and you will be happy. Get at least 16 core cpu or more. Like the 5950x
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On the virtual machines I will run more instances of recording apps like OBS
This is would have to record with software encoding and this will be awful unless you get a really high end system.

Explain what you really want to do, there is probably a specialized hardware solution which is much cheaper, like a security recording device or a bunch of elgato standalone recorders or something.
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