Question Some basic questions on using a TV as a monitor


Oct 11, 2019
I've never used a TV as a monitor and I'm now considering it. In my research I've come across a few concerns I wanted to ask about:

1. standby

One Youtube reviewer who was reviewing an LG OLED mentioned that the TV won't automatically go to standby, is this a feature common to all TVs when used as monitors?

Right now I have it set up that my monitor goes on stand by after 1 min of inactivity (which is to say the screen turns off), is that something that is not possible with a TV?

2. lag

In another video I heard that, when using TVs as monitors, there is often a lag even in office work between a mouse click or a key stroke and the TV responding. Is this true? I found it hard to believe there'd be lag in office work.

3. autodimming

This is an issue I've heard mentioned twice now with LG OLEDs. That when there's not a lot of activity on the screen (such as when using a word processor), the TV will automatically dim and you can't turn this feature off except with a service remote.

Is this a feature common to all OLED TVs?

4. Any other concerns I should be aware of?

My plan is to hopefully go for an OLED (although a QLED is also a possibility). I don't game so refresh rate and other gaming-relevant features don't matter, I use the display for movies and office work. I'm not worried about OLED burn in, as I don't think the way I use the display will make it likely. Glare is also not a concern as I keep the room dark.


I have not experienced any issues using TV as a monitor in many different applications. Most modern TV are going to connect to the PC just as any generic monitor would, and work the same way.

I cannot speak to the specifics brand by brand. I am currently using a Samsung TV for my HTPC/gaming in the living room, and utilize a cheap Scepter brand TV from WalMart for the PC at the office. Works fine, no issues.