Some first build concerns


Nov 24, 2011
I'm working on selecting components for my first build and am on a pretty strict budget. After much thought and research, I settled on this motherboard, taking it from the tom's hardware "$500 gaming pc contest" article.

It's obviously a lower end MB than is used in most builds, but my budget demanded it. The reason I am using it is because the tom's hardware article I read -,3032.html

- paired this MB up with a Radeon 6870. I am using a 6850 in my build, with a 500w PSU. My question is, do I have to worry about my MB being damaged because of this bottleneck between the MB and GPU? I have chosen a case with plenty of ventilation, two 120mm fans.

My second question is a simple compatibility one; I was planning on getting this network card -

This card should be fine with the PCI express x1 slot on my motherboard, right?

Thanks for the help!
Get this instead: It' much more reliable than coolermaster. I use ocz and mine is super quiet and I've had no problems with it for about one year.