Question Some games causing a hard crash, computer shuts off ?

Feb 12, 2022
Hello there, friends!

I'm having quiet an annoying issue that I'm having problems troubleshooting but I think my GPU is at fault.

I can play some games perfectly fine (like FFXIV), but others will cause a hard crash (like FarCry 6 or Mass Effect Andromeda). I can play anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours before the computer crashes.
There are no BSODs or anything, computer just shuts off. I can hear the "click" in the PSU, like when you turn on or off the computer so my guess is some kind of power spike causing it.
The computer won't reboot. It just shuts off, starts again but never actually boots.

Temps are all fine. I've even opened a window into the cold Swedish winter.
Vram, GPU and CPU are all around 70-75 degrees Celsius when gaming.

I have tried a new CPU, PSU, motherboard (same model motherboard tho) and even ran the GPU on it's own PSU (a Corsair RM750x) but the problem is still there. I've also tried running the RAM at 2133MHz instead of the default 3600MHz.

I've now ran Furmark for little under an hour and no crashes so I guess there is some kind of spike causing all this.

What more is there to check? Ideas what I can try next?

Ryzen 5800x
32GB G.Skill 3600MHz
XFX Radeon RX 6900 XT MERC 319 Black edt
Corsair RM850x V2
Samsung G95 monitor

Thank you!