Question Some games don't fully utilise GPU


Nov 3, 2013
Is there a reason for this, something being bottlenecked somewhere in the game engine? For example on Borderlands 2 I have set the FPS to cap at 120, yet a lot of the time it hovers around 100FPS with only 40% of the GPU (RTX 2080) in use and only 30% of the CPU (i7 9700k). Its the same on Elder Scrolls Online, sometimes it dips below 60fps in heavy action scenes despite the fact its only using 40% of the gpu. VRAM isn't an issue either, both only seem to use 2gb, leaving 6gb spare. Temps are also fine with the GPU hovering around 58-60C I also have 16GB of RAM.
There are a lot of ways a game can still be bottlenecked. Borderlands 2 may be using a lot of PhysX, which those features may be bottlenecking you. Your CPU can bottleneck you at 30%, as it only takes 1 core to go near 100% and slow down the rest of the system. Not all games will use all the cores of your system (most will not), but the percentage is based on all your cores being used. Memory can also slow things down and just poor coding. Most MMORPG's have bottleneck issues. Elder Scrolls is no exception. It's usually the CPU, but can also be network issues.