Question Some games feel choppy despite having High FPS. (Some Games stutter) ?

Jan 13, 2022
Hey Guys!

Here are my Specs:
  • Ryzen 5 3500x
  • Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1650 Super OC (472.12)
  • 16GB 3200Mhz RAM
  • 750 SQ White PSU
  • 165Hz Viewsonic Monitor (not G-Sync Compatible)
Some of My Games Feel Incredibly delayed and laggy despite having high fps and having the settings set to low.

Games Affected Are:
Fortnite (Really bad)
Green Hell

Games Unaffected Are:

Things I tried are:
Using DDU to reinstall either the best Drivers for my GPU (472.12) or even the Newest Ones but even they were giving me a Bad Performance but I can Partially live with it.

Overclocking even more Using MSI Afterburner (Didnt Help it even made the stutters Worse)

Clean Installing Windows

And Checking my Temp Under high Load (there were no Problems with them at all)

Does Anybody have this issue too or can Help me with mine? I dont know if it helps but i Post Here an Userbenchmark Score: (Normal Clock):

MSI A320M-A PRO MAX (MS-7C52) Performance Results - UserBenchmark

Thank you in Advance!


Aug 26, 2018
I'd call that a vsync problem. Maybe fiddle with nvidea settings a bit or change vsync settings of the games you are having trouble with?
I have a 5600xt card and amd has some setting called enhanced sync, which for me causes a hell ton of problems rather than making anything better. Makes all my games stutter while when it's disabled, I have no stutter. But keep in mind that amd and nvidea control panels have two different settings. Not sure about nvidea but in amd, you can make different settings separately for each game, meanwhile you can also change settings globally to affect all games.
You can check nvidea control panel to find such sync settings and change them specifically for games that stutter. Or you could change the vsync settings of the games that have that problem in game settings.


Jul 13, 2021
I have some horrible stuttering on Fortnite if I use DX11 or DX12, but when I use the 'Performance mode' it's kinda normal with a stable fps.
And of course, my CPU is Intel i9 10850K so it's really ridiculous, but probably it's cause of my bad GPU GTX 1060.