some how messed up my new xbox 360 slim hard drive trying to transfer from the old one


Jun 2, 2016
i was trying to transfer my old hard drive to a new one for the xbox 360 slim and it wouldn't register that I had the transfer cable hooked up. after looking online I formatted the new hard drive but i screwed it up some how. now my xbox only recognizes the new hard drive as a storage device and not a hard drive. i can only use it if its connected through the transfer cable and not plugged into the hard drive slot. is there any way to reformat it or something so it works as a hard drive again????? and i still need to transfer my old hard drive on to the new one.
Hey there, memroe_x.

Try connecting both drives to a computer and download a cloning tool to clone the old one over to the new one. After that try the new drive with the console to see if it's properly recognized with the old data you wanted to migrate to it.

Please let me know how it goes.

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