Question Some Issues With Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0 Boot [Please Help :'(]

Aug 14, 2019
Hey guys, I'm having a big trouble with my Gigabyte Z370 ULTRA GAMING 2.0

When I turn on my computer pressing the power button in the most times I have the following issues:
(In all following cases the computer don't show any video and don't show any boot signal)
1. The motherboard leds flash one time and fast, the computer case fans start running but with the leds off, and the computer stuck in this step. All other leds are off.
2. The motherboard don't turn on any led, only the RAM leds are turned on, and the computer case fans are turned on, but the leds off.
When this (1,2) happen and I try turn off the computer holding the power button, some times this work and the computer turn off, and in the most times this fail and I need to turn off the computer turning off the power suply switch.

In 2/10 of the cases my computer start normal, and I know this before because all leds are turned on in the same time...

My full computer specification:

MB: Gigabyte Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0
CPU: Core i5 9600K
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vegenance RGB 3600mhz 2x8GB
SSD: CORSAIR MP510 480GB 3500 write / 2000 read
PSU: Gigabyte G750H 750w 80 Plus Gold PFC-A
WC: WaterCooler PCYes NIX RGB 360mm
CASE: Gamemax Onix II M910 Full-Tower
OS: Windows 10 Home 64Bits

I'm using the onboard video and I will purshase the Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super in December.
All components are new

GIF Showing the trouble:

GIF Showing the computer running ok:

I have updated my BIOS to F13 version, installed all drivers, formated my computer with the Windows 10 64bits Home, restored my BIOS to default, reseted my BIOS removing the MB battery, activated the XMP profile, changed the DRAM voltage to 1.240V - 1.260V - 1.350V.
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