Question Some monitor questions after getting feed back, ultra wide gsync questions.

Dec 1, 2021
Hello everyone. So I was told that I should really drop curved screens from the list here. And that 1080p for an ultra wide is not really an option. So if I can find an ultrawide gsync monitor in a lower resolution to be hardware mindful, what would you have in mind? I really want it to be an ultra wide. I had an ultra wide curved 720P monitor before and fell in love. I can drop the curved screen from my list but not the ultrawide. The budget is $700.


Where are you located and what is your preferred site for purchase? For any panel, I feel like this suggestion was spot on! I had a colleague here, R.I.P man, who could actually catch pixels that were off by a few nits and he was the only one in his office(building) who could catch the issue with the panel. I think it was Dell or HP who later approached him and said that he was among 1% of folks who found flaws on the panel in spite of the panels being sold to every other office.

That being said, we can offer suggestions but it'd be a good idea if you could look at the panels yourself and see what you're investing into.


Sep 27, 2021
As suggested above it's always better to see them in person if you can, though I realise that's not always possible, I wasn't able to do that. You can get 1080p Ultrawides, there just are fewer of them:

There should be no need to give up the curve if you like them. One thing to bare in mind, $700 is kind of moving to that more premium segment, at that price most will be 1440p Ultrawides. Can I ask what GPU you have?