Question Some OC noob questions

Sep 23, 2019
So it's been ~4 years since i've overclocked my i5-6600k. As a noob i just hit 4.5GHz and left it working all the time on 100% speeds. Now i've upgraded my rig to i7-9700k with aorus z390 master. And i want to OC this one as well.
Forgot some stuff so here is my question list :)
  1. Should i oc my i7 to for example 5GHz and let it work all the time on 100% speeds or let it drop the speeds to lower colcks and which option was it?
  2. Is the highest voltage to not damage my stuff still top-top 1.4V?
  3. What's the top temperature i should not go above? (currently on stock speeds - iddle ~27, stress ~60) - with NZXT Kraken x62
  4. Should i change my g.skill ripjaws V (16GB, 3200MHz, cl 15) to g.skill trident (32GB, 3600MHz, cl 16) or it's just pointless?
  5. is XMP enough or should i swap to manual OC?
That's basically it. My full rig:
Intel Core i7-9700k
MSI RTX 2080 super gaming x trio
Gigabyte Aorus Z390 master
Corsair RMx 750W
G.Skill Ripjaws V - 16GB (2x8), 3200MHz


Essentially the same architecture as before, so everything is still pretty much the same, yes. 1.4 is on the high side, but yes, still 'safe'. (I run 1.416, but delidded and water cooled) 80C is still a decent upper limit, but ideally you keep it in the 70s or lower.

Skylake -> KabyLake -> CoffeeLake -> CoffeeLake Refresh, just optimizations on the same tech and the same process node.

3200Mhz memory is fine for Intel.

I tend to just go for an XMP profile myself. Nothing says you can't try tightening timings or shooting for faster speeds. Also, you could buy new memory, just so you have something to keep with the old board. Someone would probably take it off your hands.

I also like to undervolt my memory. I think I am running 1.15 or something like that, just to keep a little heat off the CPU.
Sep 23, 2019
Thanks for the response!

Anyway is keeping CPU all the time on 100% clocks safe or should I go for droping clocks when not needed?
1. If you implement speedstep, your multiplier and voltage will drop when there is little to do.
I think that is a good thing.
2. 1.4v may be possible, but for longevity, I would have a lower limit.
As of 2/6/2019
What percent can get an overclock at a somewhat sane Vcore in the 1.337 to 1.375 range.
And AVX offset = 2.


5.2 10%
5.1 35%
5.0 78%
4.9 100%

3. Under a stress test, i might suggest 85c as a limit.
Idle at 27c. says you cooler is mounted well and your room is perhaps a bit chilly.
Do not worry too much about heat.
The processor monitors temperatures and will slow down or shut off to prevent damage if it senses a dangerous temperature. That is around 100c.

4. Do not bother changing ram speeds. Intel is largely not sensitive to ram speeds so far as actual app performance or fps goes.
If you can usefully use 32gb vs. 26gb, that is a different matter.
Some apps can use ram as workspace effectively. For gaming, not so much.

5. xmp is embedded in ram and represents the manufacturer's settings for the ram to perform at the xmp profile speeds. Unless you are a record seeking ram overclocker, XMP is fine.

6. And, you might try overclocking with the intel performance maximizer app.,6179.html

If you try it, share your results.
Sep 23, 2019
Thanks @geofelt
I think I'll OC my CPU but I'm not sure about this intel's app.
Maybe i'll give it a try just to see what will be the difference between my oc and auto oc.