News Some Oculus Quest 2 Owners are Getting Banned From Using Their Headsets

This is the future of tech. Wait until your car won't start because you can't log in.

IIRC if you forget your fob because you are used to using your cellphone to unlock your Tesla, and you go outside either the Tesla's cellular or your phones cellular're locked out. Both your phone and the vehicle need to be able to communicate to the internet in order to unlock your doors. Now you are locked out of your car and need to walk to call a tow truck to tow your vehicle back into cell range before you can open the doors again.

Maybe in the distant future teslas will all be equipped with starlink radios and it wont be a problem, but yeah your "car wont start cause you can't log in" thing is already here.
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Apr 21, 2009
your "car wont start cause you can't log in" thing is already here.
Sure, but what I meant was sitting in a fully functional car but not being able to go anywhere because the server is down or my account has been hacked.

Making technologies artificially dependent on each other for profit or market protection is a recipe for disaster because corporations don't make a distinction between non-critical entertainment and life-saving equipment. The day I see a fibrillator on a subscription is the day I move to an off-grid cabin.


May 3, 2020
This is... hilarious, sad, and a bit scary all at once. This is why I refuse to get onto things like Stadia, Geforce Now - I've even started to make the switch to GOG from Steam/Ubisoft/etc etc as much as I can. Same concept.

I think people should continue to make sure their Facebook accounts are in good standing before they buy the headset.

This is so funny. Imagine if, to use your $400 GPU in your PC or whatever, Nvidia forced you to make an account (although you need to imagine Nvidia wanting all your personal data) and your real name and things like that. Honestly, that isn't such a ludicrious propisiton anymore. MS has already been pushing people to use Microsoft accounts for Windows 10 instead of local accounts pretty heavily.
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Apr 21, 2009
China's brilliant "social credit" system is where this is all heading. Citizens in China are already being denied access to public services like trains because their social credit score isn't high enough. One day, we'll wish for the days when it only applied to simple things like vr headsets.


pretty much. I will not buy any hardware that require cloud
Same here, I really don't like the idea of hardware being closely tied to online services that may disappear at any time and arbitrarily render the hardware completely unusable. Android devices may be tied to Google Play but are still mostly usable offline, apps can be side-loaded even on devices that have been banned from Play and still work fine - at least for now.


Jun 4, 2020
I already do not use FB much, and after they have started acting as a publisher, I am less inclined to use them. I have problems with there terms of use, as I do with YouTube (different issues, still part of the EULA), so I only use it to check on friends that forget what a telephone is for. When I learned that the Oculus 2 was going to be tied to FB I decided no way. I plan on building a new system in a couple years as VR matures, as head and eye tracking does not seem to work for me. Guess what VR company has been banned from my list officially as of today? Nice going Facebook.


Aug 4, 2019
How very apropos that FB is now banning some of its own VR customers after banning a number of newsworthy posts that the FB censors want to hide from their readers! As if those readers won't leave FB and go where the speech is free to find out what FB is keeping from them...again...;)


TBH I wouldnt be shocked if someone goes to court over this.

You are buying hardware to play games and not a service.

basically bricking the headset could be seen as unlawful. (even Nintendo can't brick a console if its hacked as they;'d be sued and just disable the online play features)

also I don't feel sorry for the ppl it happened to.....You paid FB and giving them $ was your 1st mistake and let it be a lesson to avoid them.


Jun 15, 2008
I'll be honest with you. I tried this device and it was terrible. If this is the future of VR for $299 then technology is in big trouble. Girlfriends son had an Oculus Rift S and that thing was great. After using the Quest 2....I came to the conclusion that it's not that great.
Oct 17, 2020
One of the most annoying things about this to me is I don't think they'd have an issue if they were a bit more upfront; and I don't mean about needing a Facebook account, that's already printed on the box. Let's get right to the heart of the issue: they are going to track activity to use for ad data, because that's where Facebook's revenue really comes from, and why they are lowering the price by $100 even as they've massively upgraded the processor and display for the Quest 2. And you know what? Fine, makes sense to me... if you are honest about the reasoning. In the same way I have no issue with an ad-subsided Kindle Fire tablet, I don't care about an ab-subsidized Quest 2 (in a sense, it isn't getting revenue from the display of such but rather back-end info in this case), but if that's what you want to do, list it as supported for that reason, and then have a higher priced model if you wish to opt out. Or create a way for someone to use it without the Facebook account. This really isn't different than something like Steam, but particularly coming from a company with more than a few privacy and monopoly issues at the moment, it's just an unnecessarily tone deaf step that serves to mar an otherwise excellent product release. Seems to be a running theme for new tech hardware over the last few months.


What's ultimately shocking is the number of people with Facebook accounts in the first place. Maybe time to wake up and close down this business model whose primary intentions are to farm personal data???
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Few months ago I joined Facebook for the first time, just to see what's all about. I was watching what other members are doing, joined few communities there... After I realized, the whole thing rarely goes beyond moronic posts like "That's how my day starts"+picture of a cup of coffee (followed by few donuts photos), I lost my interest totally.
About a week or two later, I've read that Oculus is planned to be tied to Facebook and at that point, I deleted my account. I was planning to do that anyway, however that news was deciding factor.
No, I don't own any VR headset yet and I'm interested to get some one day -but that won't be Oculus for sure.


Aug 29, 2006
This is the future of tech. Wait until your car won't start because you can't log in.
There is also the issue with people like myself who have been perma-banned from Facebook for 'daring' to mock one Donald J. Trump or for our positions on other issues that we posted.
Facebook should not have been used for this, it should have been a separate OCULUS account.
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Aug 3, 2020
I'm one of the most free-market, pro-corporate persons here, but being required to adhere to Facebook's arbitrary and ever-changing terms of service to simply continue using a product you've purchased is not merely objectionable, but likely legally actionable as well.
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Sep 29, 2019
I stopped using FB long time ago , when it was used to construct fake and staged revolutions in many countries .. and I am not buying anything that would force me to open an account on that Evil platform.